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Causes of Facial Sweating

Normal sweating of the head is salubrious. But how is it possible that our face or entire head sweats much more than it is necessary for the body 's natural thermoregulation and removal of harmful substances from the body? If you start sweating after ingestion of large amounts of alcohol or heavily spiced foods, it is perfectly all right. If you break out in a sweat even if you are completely calm and under a normal room temperature, it is a pathological condition known as facial hyperhidrosis and it is necessary to do something about that.

Find out how to finally get rid of excessive facial sweating.

Excessive sweating of the head occurs in both sexes equally, either at a very early age or as a result of hormonal changes during puberty. In some women facial sweating can occur abruptly, in some during the menopause. We can certainly say that excessive facial sweating (facial hyperhidrosis) is a hereditary disease transmitted from generation to generation. In case excessive sweating of the head or other parts of the body troubled you or a member of your family, there is a high probability that this diagnosis will affect you as well.

But there is a solution! If excessive facial sweating torments you or your family, you can now avoid the manifestations of facial hyperhidrosis very effectively and enjoy life to the fullest without the limitations once again.

Find out how to finally get rid of excessive facial sweating.