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Treatment of Excessive Head
and Forehead Sweating

Until quite recently, for those suffering from excessive head or facial sweating, there was not a single solution to their problems. Many doctors just shrugged their shoulders and could not help their patients. To some extent, it would be possible to use botulinum toxin injections that can suppress sweating for some time. However, as in the case of sweating of the feet or the hands, it would be necessary to apply several tens of injections in the face approximately every three weeks. This treatment would be not only painful but also very expensive. Moreover, botulinum toxin causes a loss of sensitivity of nerve endings and thus the treated person would lose their facial expressions for some time. Therefore, botulinum toxin is absolutely unsuitable for the treatment of excessive sweating of the head, mainly due to the cost, pain, and low efficiency.

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In the past, there was also a surgery under general anaesthesia called thoracic sympathectomy. This consisted in surgical removal of a cluster of nerves near the spine through small holes made in the armpits. Removing these nerves then really managed to prevent the manifestations of facial and head hyperhidrosis. Over time, unfortunately, it was revealed that approximately six months after the surgery sweating reappeared with the same intensity but in a different part of the body, especially in the back, abdomen, chest, genitals, or buttocks. In effect, it is not only the compensatory sweating but also reported cases of post-operative heart rhythm disorders that cause that this solution cannot be recommended with clear conscience.

Find out how to finally get rid of excessive facial sweating.

Quite recently, however, a new solution was discovered that is able to remove all the shortcomings of the above methods. It is a method which is the only one in the world to show efficacy and very good tolerability in 100 % of patients and which gave the people suffering from excessive head sweating a new hope. This solution, which is the first and only one in the world which can eliminate excessive sweating in 100 % patients, is called Electro Antiperspirant.

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